KPI DASHBOARD is an irreplaceable tool for any business manager. By collecting, grouping, organizing, and visualizing the company’s important metrics, it provides a quick overview of the company’s performance, well-being, and expected growth.

By using KPI dashboards, organizations can access their success indicators in real-time and make informed decisions that help them achieve long-term goals.

There’s a number of KPI dashboard software solutions on the market. From simple metric-tracking tools to advanced business intelligence solutions.

Finding the right KPI dashboard suitable for your company can be a headache, so we did the hard work for you and selected 21 of the best solutions on the market.

Every KPI dashboard software listed here:

  • Is relatively easy to use with little setup time
  • Has unique features that stand out from other KPI dashboard software
  • Is by a trustworthy provider, with regular updates and high security

1. Scoro

Scoro KPI Dashboard

Scoro KPI dashboard software lets you oversee every aspect of your business on one (or several) dashboards – and keep track of your project, work, and financial KPIs in real time.

Top features:

  • Integrate Scoro with your currently used software to track and monitor all your data in one system.
  • Oversee every aspect of your company’s performance: projects, budgets, sales, forecasts, team’s performance, etc.
  • Customize your dashboard with unlimited widgets, metrics, etc. to track every KPI.
  • Set permissions for each user to limit access to specific information.
  • Compare two periods to see trends over time.

What’s interesting about this tool: Instead of using different tools to manage work, track finances, plan projects, or compile reports, you can use a single solution – Scoro.

Pricing: From $26 user/month

Try Scoro for free!

2. Datapine

Datapine Dashboard

Datapine lets you visualize and monitor your most relevant KPIs in a single place.

Top features:

  • Advanced analytics
  • Custom formulas
  • Automated reporting
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Intelligent alarms

What’s interesting about this tool: Datapine discovers new relationships and detect trends to take the guesswork out of your business decisions.

Pricing: From $249 month + $55 user/month

3. InetSoft

InetSoft is an analytic dashboard & reporting software backed by data mashup with big data scalability.

Top features:

  • Professional atomic data block modeling
  • End-user data mashup on the web
  • Embedded dashboards
  • Dashboard and visualization annotations
  • A high-performance, secure infrastructure

What’s interesting about this tool: InetSoft is a powerful data mashup software that enables a fast and flexible transformation of data from disparate sources, which can either supplement or obviate a data warehouse solution.

Pricing: On request

4. Tableau


Tableau helps the world’s largest organizations unleash the power of their most valuable assets: their data and their people.

Top features:

  • Get up and running in minutes and seamlessly add users as your needs grow.
  • Automatically refresh data from web apps like Google Analytics or Salesforce.
  • Give external teams, partners, and clients secure access to analytics.
  • Empower site admins to easily manage authentication and permissions for users, content, and data.

What’s interesting about this tool: Tableau is an excellent solution for companies who have clients with a few users and who need to deploy solutions in multiple organizations—and who don’t have the infrastructure to create their own server installation.

Pricing: $42 user/month (billed annually)

5. SimpleKPI

Top features:

  • Powerful and flexible KPI dashboards
  • Standard and customizable KPI Reports
  • Shareable reports, dashboards, and analytics
  • Streamlined KPI analytics

What’s interesting about this tool: SimpleKPI lets you tailor your dashboards and reports to your branding.

Pricing: $109/month

Everything about your business, one click away

6. Smartsheet

Smartsheet Dashboard

Smartsheet links with third-party apps like Tableau, Excel, Qlik Sense, QlikView, and others – allowing you to deliver powerful data visibility and insights via the tools you already use.

Top features:

  • Share your work with other team members, or simply collaborate on a specific task.
  • Set automated alerts to remind you (and others on your team) about upcoming tasks and approaching deadlines.
  • Give teams a more visual way to work, communicate, and collaborate.
  • Get a quick, visual status of their top projects, see summary reports on goals, view important deadlines, and follow links to key information.

What’s interesting about this tool: Smartsheet is trusted by over 50% of the Fortune 500.

Pricing: From $15 month/user for teams

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7. Bilbeo


Bilbeo uses scoring and advanced data visualization to auto-populate your business dashboard with intuitive drill-down capabilities.

Top features:

  • Smart alerts
  • Leading indicators algorithm
  • Custom reports
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Collaboration

What’s interesting about this tool: No setup required from the user. No design. No coding. Just an automatic KPI dashboard that provides a unified view of your business and saves you time and effort.

Pricing: From $49 user/month

8. Target Dashboard

Target Dashboard connects and mixes all of your information into one place. It is powerful and proactive, delivering essential information and driving growth.

Top features: 

  • Progress emails warn of dangers and add accountability
  • Mix data from different sources.
  • Unlimited users

What’s interesting about this tool: Target Dashboard can help you modify, re-share, or summarize data to make it easy to report on.

Pricing: From $159/month

9. Databox


Databox gets everyone focused on the metrics that matter – in the office, the hall, or at meetings.

Top features:

  • Set time-bound, numeric goals, and track progress automatically.
  • Create beautiful reports with no coding required.
  • Beautifully designed mobile apps

What’s interesting about this tool: Marketing agency or consultant? Automate your client reporting to stop wasting time cutting and pasting your reports together, use data to drive retention, and identify upsell opportunities.

Pricing: Free for up to 3 users, from $49 for larger teams

10. InfoCaptor

InfoCaptor lets you examine data from different angles and get the “Aha moment!”

Top features:

  • Rapid analytics
  • Ad-hoc visualization
  •  Prototyping mock-ups
  •  Security and data governance

What’s interesting about this tool: InfoCaptor lets you embed dashboard, or individual widgets live on any web page.

Pricing: From $29/month

11. KPI Fire

Rather than overwhelm you with features and complexity, KPI Fire makes managing your business fast and easy.

Top features:

  • Align employees & projects to your strategic goals.
  • Manage projects & demonstrate progress in real-time, at a glance.
  • Ready to use on any device, no download required.

What’s interesting about this tool: KPI Fire lets you capture and reward everyone’s best ideas.

Pricing: On request

12. Dasheroo

Dasheroo brings business performance metrics from all your favorite applications to one beautiful free dashboard.

Top features:

  • Intelligent insights
  • Metrics alerts
  • Team collaboration
  • Dashboard exports

What’s interesting about this tool: Sharing is caring, and productive when you’re working together across your dashboards. Comment and chat real-time right from within Dasheroo!

Pricing: Free & paid plans

13. HandyKPI

HandyKPI brings the performance of your business and team to the palm of your hand.

Top features:

  • Control business KPIs in a mobile app.
  • Collect or deliver KPIs to your team in seconds.
  • Upload your Excel spreadsheets.
  • Analyze changes over time: by days, by months, by years.
  • Integrate with your software.

What’s interesting about this tool: HandyKPI is focused on mobile data visualization.

Pricing: Free for up to 3 users, $5 user/month

14. Grow


Grow is a reporting and BI dashboard software that helps to accelerate your growth.

Top features:

  • Connect to your data using integrations, databases, CRMs, financials, spreadsheets, and more.
  • Select the data you want to build a customized chart or add pre-built metrics to your BI dashboard instantly.
  • Set the Grow timer to refresh your data.

What’s interesting about this tool: With Grow, you can get specific answers by blending, mashing, and comparing data from different sources – get insights tailored to your business.

Pricing: On Request