Pest Control London: How to Control Winter Pests?


It is often difficult to manage pests once they come inside your home. However, you can surely achieve pest-free winners once you stop these invaders from moving inside your home. Hotter months can indeed be an active season for the pests in the UK, but there are some winter pests too, that you should look out for. So join us as this blog will take you through the winter pests who are most likely to invade your house in winter and how Pest Control London services can protect you. 

So, let’s begin. 


Pest Control London: Most Common Pests you will find in winters


Brown Marmorated Stink Bug


Stink bugs, as the name suggests, have a very foul odour. teh adults of the stink bug have a shield-shaped body and an exoskeleton that resembles brown marble. Their antennae are light-toned and rectangular. Stink bugs reproduce rapidly, and they can even fly. 


A stink bug doesn’t cause any structural damage, it won’t sting and bite you even. However, if you crush them or disturb them, they emit a very bad smell that is almost difficult to tolerate. 

Pest control London companies suggest some measures to prevent their entry into the homes. The measures are: 


  • Seal all doors and windows during winter. 
  • Make sure that home sidings, utility pipes, and chimneys are free from cracks
  • Make sure you use the right products to seal all the entry points. 

Rats and Mice


A rat or mouse often finds their way to the house during winter. Pest Control Wembley Services states that these creatures are always on a hunt for warmth, food, shelter, and all the things available in your home. If you want to avoid having them stay in your house, make sure they cannot get to your food sources, such as leftovers on a kitchen counter or in easy-to-access bins. Open foods, such as cereal or snacks, should be placed in an airtight container where rats and mice cannot access them, and your cabinets should always be closed properly when you are not using them. In addition, you must clean up spilt food immediately. 


Here are some steps to keep rats and mice away from your homes in winter, as suggested by professional pest control companies: 


  • Seal any holes in walls or floors
  • Keep all the food sources in airtight contains

As rats and mice can cause a lot of destruction once they enter our house, like they chew wires, walls, food, and our clothes,  emergency pest control London services are the only solution to save you if you are suffering from a severe infestation. These animals cause a lot of health problems, and having them in the house is simply not worth the risk. 




People think that squirrels a very cute creatures, but pest control London companies say that these cute creatures can create real havoc in your house. They cause trouble due to excessive gnawing. They chew cables and even damage the structural integrity of the house. Squirrels also become extremely aggressive when you try to chase them. 




Along with Pest Control Ealing services, here is how you can control them: 


  • Invest in chimney caps, as squirrels mostly enter via chimneys
  • Cut overhanging plants in your house 
  • Replace rotting wood from your house
  • Seal all the entry points, including pipes


Various laws govern the treatment of squirrels, so if you find that they have infested your property, contact a pest control London specialist. Under the Wildlife and Conservation Act 1981, red squirrels are protected in the United Kingdom. In addition, it is illegal to destroy or damage a red squirrel’s shelter. Due to the laws surrounding squirrel treatment, we highly recommend consulting a squirrel pest control professional before attempting to deal with an infestation yourself. Please keep this suggestion in mind, and please do not handle squirrels alone if you reside in the United Kingdom. 


Pest Control London: Advice by the Professionals


In most cases, preventing pests from entry into homes is the same. Make sure that you inspect the property thoroughly from the outside and seal up all the access places. The rodents can enter your building even through a small hole. So you have to make sure that you seal that small hole, too. 

In addition, you can misnimise the chances of entry of winter pests into your home by making sure that you clean your bins regularly. Do not leave any food outside, and discard the leftover food the same day. 

It is essential to conduct regular inspections during winter to keep a safe distance from the pests. 

There are times when you need to call professional pest control London services if all your DIY methods to get rid of the pests fail. The experts have the necessary knowledge and skills to resolve all types of pest infestations.


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