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We are the best  institute for focused diabetes research, integrated prevention, training and education.Our professional helps you to know more about diabetes.Diabetes Treatment and Research Program is focused on enhancing the quality of care for people faced with diabetes. Dasman diabetes institute  utilizes its core competence of leadership research to offer you downstream corrections to medical practice.Dasman Diabetes Treatment & Research mainly focus on diabetes management, treatment, and prevention.A comprehensive solution to build sustainable outcomes with genetics and informatics, biochemistry and molecular biology, microbiology, and immunology. The research sector builds an effective connection with all the departments and provides a virtuous way of implementing each process. Usage of high standard health care and the latest equipment for preventing diabetes and its management improves the institute’s professionalism. Clinical trials and research help us discover more about diabetes, its repercussions, and new possibilities to cure. A clinical trial is a research program that lets the designated participant be a part of a new treatment methodology or tests which help to treat or podiatrist kuwait prevent medical conditions pertained to research Our team is putting together publications that improve the health of the community and propose improved methods that better interact the community.