The 12 Most Common Myths About Hair Coloring

The color of your hair can alter your sense of self and make you feel like a completely different individual. Many people are under pressure to appear and feel young, but some people simply want to show off their natural color. People frequently change the shade of their hair.  Few people embrace their natural color, which, when done well, can be incredibly stylish and completely youthful. Hair coloring, however, is not harmful either. As long as it makes you happy, you can wear anything you want, whether it’s red, blonde, brown, pink, or blue.

However, there are some unacceptable myths that we can no longer tolerate, myths that cause others to doubt their own abilities. You might think twice about coloring your hair after hearing these lies. So it’s time to embrace your own identity and show others your true colors.


12 myths related to hair coloring

There are many myths about hair coloring, but in this blog post, we only address the most popular 12 of them.

1.      Hair Coloring makes your hair go grey

The occurrence of grey hair is purely genetic, and dyeing hair does not hasten the process. When melanin in the skin stops creating the color pigment, the hair begins to grey, and this is exactly when your hair starts to go grey.

2.      Coloring hair damages hair

 This is one of the biggest lies, and I’m sure you’ve all heard it frequently. The effects of coloring your hair can’t be horribly detrimental to your hair. However, there are many options available for keeping healthy hair while having fun with color, and you must use a color-safe shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum. The use of color is a major cause of damaged hair; however, if done correctly and with proper follow-up services, your hair will always be healthy and silky.

3.      Dying hair makes your hair thin

To achieve an ideal look, lots of people style, color, straighten, curl, and blow-dry their hair. Surprisingly, losing hair when combing and washing your hair is not rare. Nothing external can be changed by an inside issue. One of the causes could be mineral or vitamin deficiency. Eat healthily; color doesn’t matter.

4.      You can wash your hair right after getting a new hair color

Don’t ever do this! If your hair has recently been colored, you should wait at least 72 hours before washing it. Because when you color your hair, the hair color might absorb through your cuticles. They completely close and lock in your color in exactly 72 hours. Also, avoid swimming or using a pool for at least two weeks because chlorine may ruin your hair color.

5.      No need for special shampoo for treated hair

Another major myth. You should spend money on excellent quality shampoos made with chemically treated hair in mind. Like the color lock and sulphate free shampoos. These shampoos stop the color from quickly fading. In addition, they replace moisture and silkiness that have been lost as a result of hair coloring.

6.      Wash your hair before going to get a new hair color

This is only relevant when having a haircut. After shampooing, you must wait for at least two days before going for a hair coloring appointment. because the natural oils shield your scalp from the harm and irritation that hair dyeing can bring. Thus, the outcome will be better the greaser your hair is. They will protect hair from damage. 

7.      Colored hair looks fake

Gone are the days when colored hair would look weird and fake. When people colored their hair in the past, this was an actual problem they ran into. But hair colors have changed significantly in recent years, and there are now a tonne of possibilities for getting natural-looking hair even if it is quite distinct from your actual hair color.

8.      Your eyebrows must be the same color as your hair

Honestly, that’s completely your choice. It is not at all required, in fact! In fact, eyebrows that are darker and more natural help frame the face. Your eyebrows’ color should have a modest contrast with your skin tone.

9.      Your volume may be lost if you dye your hair

 Quite the opposite is true. Your hair color’s lightening ingredients cause the cuticle to swell, giving the appearance of thicker, more voluminous strands. And the swelling is actually a good thing while dying your hair. The color penetrates the hair strand more readily the more swollen it is.

10.  An entire day is needed for the dying process

 This perceived lengthy period it takes for the color to take action discourages some people from coloring their hair as life is busy for everyone. While making sure the color is applied properly may require a little time, you won’t need to set out an entire day or afternoon to make sure the end result looks amazing. Applying the color should only require about 30 minutes. Actually, the majority of hair-dying procedures only take 40 minutes to 2 hours.

11.  Hair color appears lackluster

There is no denying that some dye jobs appear awful, but this is not always related to the use of hair color. For instance, many hair stylists color their hair frequently and still achieve good, natural-looking results. Although older hair dyes can indeed harm hair, the modern colors on the market are designed to give customers a color that appears organic and completely natural. You should appear to have that hair color if you use the right products, apply them properly, and take good care of them.

12.  You have to keep coloring your hair once you start it

You always have an option in hair color. While bleaching will remove some of your natural hues from a specific area, the decision to dye your hair again is entirely up to you. Of course, you’ll have to wait for the bleached or colored part to grow out before getting it cut if you want to restore your natural hair. If you don’t want to experiment, you can also use a permanent dye that is comparable to your natural hair color. However, you have a lot of things to consider, and guess what? Why wouldn’t one want to keep trying and smashing new styles when you can even layer colors to create your own unique appearance? After all, every color has a distinctive vibe.