Tips And Tricks For The Manufacturers Of Custom Cupcake Boxes

Hey, all the custom box manufacturers! Are you looking for some tips and some unique tricks to design custom cupcake boxes? If you are on this page then this certainly means that you want some useful pieces of information for the manufacturing of cupcake packaging boxes. 

If you really want the bakers to select your packaging company for their boxes then there are a few things that must be kept in mind. In today’s blog, we will give you some succinct pieces of information that will help to manufacture premium and peerless customized cupcake boxes

Manufacturing Tips 

For the manufacturing of custom boxes, the manufacturer must be careful about the basic requirements such as material and printing of the boxes. Compromising the quality of both things will cost you your brand name which you certainly do not want to undermine. If you are a custom cupcake boxes wholesale provider then keep the following things in mind: 

  • Selection Of Material 

Why do bakers have a huge concern about the packaging of their baked items? Why do they simply go with generic packaging boxes and pack their products? The simple answer to the question is that they do not want to compromise the quality of their bakery products by using any generic packaging about the quality of which they are not sure. 

To satisfy the investors about the quality of custom printed cupcake boxes you must use premium quality packaging material. There are three types of material that you can use to manufacture premium quality boxes, namely: 

  • Kraft 
  • Corrugated
  • Cardboard 

Apart from quality, the best thing about these materials is that they are food-grade in nature so an ideal choice to pack any food product. 

  • Prevent Material Scuffing 

You do not want to show the customers that your box quality is not good do you? Obviously, if the custom box manufacturer wants to become successful it must never leave any stone unturned in impressing the customers. To produce such packaging you can use pre-printing coatings on the boxes. 

The material of custom cupcake boxes is coated with pre-printing coatings to smoothen the surface and make the printing process easy. These coatings prevent damage to the material at the time of printing so that the material quality does not decline.  


Custom boxes are useless if not printed with catchy and appropriate printing processes and colors. As a box manufacturer, you must have a strong command over the printing processes and an adequate amount of knowledge about the printing requirements considering the product. 

Use pastel colors for cupcakes packaging as these colors portray the cuteness of cupcakes. However, if the bakers need boxes for a specific event then you can give them the option of customized colors as per their requirement. You can also help the bakeries to promote themselves by giving them custom cupcake boxes with logo that will act as a branding tool. 

Tricks To Add Innovation 

Material printing, and colors all are commonly used in the arena of custom box manufacturing. You must devise ways to make your boxes one of a kind. In this regard, two things will help you, such as:


Add-ons are one of the best features that you can add to your boxes and make them unique. Multiple types of add-ons are there, some are used to make the typography unique and catchy, others have additional purposes like facilitation in box holding. Some add-ons make the boxes highly luxurious in appearance such as hot stamping. You must have used hot stamping on the display boxes for retail to make the logo vibrant. 

You can use hot stamping on boxes for cupcakes and make them premium in look. Besides you can use embossing, debossing, and UV printing to make your boxes bakers’ first choice. The options of handles, ribbons, etc can also be utilized. 

Post Printing Coatings 

The use of post-printing coatings is a crucial step to making your boxes the best in quality. These coatings, aka finishings, give the final touch to the boxes and make them smooth. These coating include matt and gloss. Glass coating gives a glare to the typography making it a bit more readable. On the other hand matt coating increases the readability without adding glare. 

Stickers And Labels 

If you want the bakers to always select you as a packager then give them something special like the options of labels and stickers. Labels are a better option when bakers want plain packaging. With the help of custom stickers like anniversary seals, brands can celebrate their years of excellence, similarly with the help of other types of vinyl stickers different benefits can be attained. 

Final Words! 

If you are running a box manufacturing company and want the customers to select only you then you must use the tips and tricks mentioned in the blog to manufacture your custom cupcake boxes. While manufacturing boxes, never ever use substandard quality material and printing. You should also increase the use of innovative methods like adding, coatings, and stickers to make the boxes enticing.