What Are The Advantages And Costs Of Tilt-And-Turn Windows?

Tilt-and-turn windows have been the standard design for European homes. A growing trend worldwide with more homeowners, businesses and institutions going for them, tilt-and-turn windows draw endless admiration for their impressive designs, robust construction and customizability.

One thing setting tilt-and-turn windows apart from standard designs is their opening mechanism. They combine the performance of two window designs which enhances security and ventilation. If you are interested in tilt-turn windows, consider these advantages that will help you make the best selection.What Is A Tilt-and-Turn Window?

A tilt-and-turn window is typically a casement window with specialized hinge designs. These hinges can either be on the side or the bottom, allowing the windows to open normally or in a hopper design. Tilt turn windows open fully by pulling the hinge inwards. They also open at angles at the top to ventilate the room by tilting the glass pane.


Advantages of Tilt-and-Turn Windows

· Versatile and Flexible Design

The tilt-and-turn design window combines elements of standard casement windows and hopper windows. These features allow regulation of ventilation in the home since they open by tilting inwards. It also allows you to adjust the angles to control the air entering the house. The tilting angle also prevents the entry of rainwater in case the window is open.

· Reliable Energy Efficiency

The tilt-and-turn design is energy efficient because it maintains a conducive climate at home. These windows have a great thermal performance from the airtight seals and solid hinges. They can prevent uncontrolled heat loss and reduce cooling and heating bills. They rate among the best windows for passive house designs to manage energy consumption.

· Compatible With Smaller Spaces

Tilt-turn windows can only have one glass panel in a frame for installation in small spaces. They can easily tilt to fit the available space without opening the entire window towards the room. Some of these windows are compatible with bathrooms because they increase room lighting.

· Soundproof Frames and Panes

Blocking external noises from reaching your living room or bedroom is crucial for homes in busy streets or cities. The airtight seals, aluminium frames and heavy-duty glass make tilt-and-turn windows highly soundproof. They can match concrete’s ability to keep noise outside while making the room quieter.

· Better Security Features

Besides having multiple hinging points, tilt-and-turn windows also have many locking devices. These designs present better security features with glazed glasses and hardened aluminium frames. They can easily keep burglars from accessing your home by breaking the windows.

· More Natural Light Penetration

Due to their flexibility, tilt-turn windows can fit on extending walls, making good use of the space. They can tilt at weights over 100 kg due to the robust frame and hinges construction. They allow more natural light to penetrate the room. A bigger panel give impressive views of the foreground outside your home, apartment or office.

· Easy to Use and Maintain

Using these windows is easier because you either pull inwards or tilt them downward depending on how much ventilation you need. Cleaning them is also easier, like cleaning lift and slide doors, given their two-way opening mechanism. You will not need a ladder or specialized equipment to clean these windows because they are reachable.


How Much Do Tilt-and-Turn Windows Cost?

Considering how tilt-and-turn windows are gaining popularity, it is necessary to understand how much they cost before buying. TOSTEM India has an e-catalogue with tilt-and-turn window prices. You will fill out a form with your details, including your state and get suggestions for their dealer close to you. As a reputable manufacturer, the prices are competitive.

Tilt-and-turn windows provide a worthwhile alternative for sliding and bi-fold windows in terms of views. These windows combine high security with energy performance to transform your home without missing the point. 


Hopefully, the information given here will help you understand what to look for in a tilt-and-turn window and how they benefit you.