When Should You Start Seeing a Gynaecologist?

For many teenage girls, thinking of their first gynaecology appointment can make them extremely nervous. It definitely feels like a new type of doctor’s appointment, and one is unaware of what will happen during the visit. Many mothers of teenagers must be wondering: What exactly is the best time to schedule their daughter’s first appointment with a gynaecologist? However, this not only applies to teenagers, but many other females often wonder when they should start seeing a gynecologist and how often they should schedule these appointments.

In this post, we will discuss when one should start seeing a gynaecologist and what they can expect during those initial visits. Additionally, insights to prepare this post have been taken from various expert gynaecologist, one of whom is Dr. Maalavika Appasani, the best cosmetic gynaecologist in Hyderabad, who is famous for providing effective gynaecological treatments. Read reading to learn more.